Surveys in (Extremely) Shallow Water

Innomar's parametric sub-bottom profilers offer advantages at all water depths, but a unique feature is the possibility to work in extremely shallow waters.

Sub-bottom profiling in very shallow water using a pinger, boomer, chirp or seismics is difficult due to reverberation and beam pattern issues (e.g. beam width and sidelobes). On the other hand working in areas with very shallow water is required for a wide variaty of applications like

  • surveys in rivers and harbours
  • surveys in coastal areas
  • sediment investigation vor dredging projects
  • pipeline and cable route surveys
  • location and monitoring of buried pipelines and cables
  • underwater archaeology

For all these applications our shallow-water SBP models are extremely well suited:

In areas with limited access or in extremely shallow waters our remotely operated solutions may be fauvorable:

Especially if high data density is required, our multi-transducer solutions may step in:

If more penetration is required, some of our high-power solutions can be used in (very) shallow waters as well:

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