2. Workshop "Seabed Acoustics" 2005

The second workshop "Seabed Acoustics" was held with more than 70 attendees from 10 countries in the Kurhaus in Rostock-Warnemünde on February 24/25, 2005.

Conference Presentations and Posters

  • Endler, R. (Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde, IOW, Germany):
    Acoustic stratigraphy of Namibian shelf sediments
  • Olgemann, W.; Seitz, R. (Geophysik GGD/IGD Leipzig, Germany):
    3D transition zone seismics in Egypt and Western Africa
  • Merklin, L.; Levchenko, O. (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russia):
    Seismic Engineering Survey in the Caspian Sea for Oil and Gas Companies
  • Schrottke, K. (RCOM Bremen, Germany) et al.:
    Bed mobility in the Weser estuary
  • de Vries, K. (Geoplus bv, The Netherlands):
    Shallow water acoustics in determining precise volumetric of silt layers: A useful alternative for traditional methods? A practical approach for onshore applications
  • Newman, M. J. (Campus Marine a/s, Norway); Rygh, J.-E.:
    Dimensioning of transponder networks – Experiences from the Ormen Lange field
  • Richter, Chr.; Storz, W. (HGN Hydrogeologie GmbH Torgau, Germany):
    Electrical sub-bottom profiling system – a useful tool in addition to hydroacoustic measurements?
  • Andree, P.; Wrang, A. (HAW Hamburg, Germany):
    A future-oriented concept teaching hydrography
  • Seher, U. (Art & Engineering Karlsruhe, Germany):
    GIS-Integration and 3D-Visualization of SES-Data
  • Buch, Th. (Rostock University):
    Application of the synthetic aperture method for postprocessing of sediment echosounder data

Product Presentations

  • Koper, J. (QPS Quality Positioning Services BV, The Netherlands):
    QINSy – A Quality Integrated Navigation System
  • Cunningham, D. (VT TSS, United Kingdom):
    VT TSS – An Overview
  • Müller, S. (INNOMAR GmbH, Germany):
    Innomar's SES2000 product family for high-resolution sub-bottom profiling

Equipment Demonstration

During the second day equipment of different manufacturers was shown in operation on a river boat.

  • INNOMAR standard parametric sub-bottom profiler
  • INNOMAR sidescan extension for shallow-water SBPs
  • QPS: QINSy hydrographic survey software
  • Videokart DV50 (Unterwassertechnik Axel Kordian, Germany)
  • VideoRay (CPU Dr. Christian Pröber Unterwassertechnik, Germany)