3. Workshop "Seabed Acoustics" 2007

The third workshop "Seabed Acoustics" was held with about 70 delegates in the Kurhaus in Rostock-Warnemünde on November 15/16, 2007. INNOMAR also celebrated it's tenth anniversary.

Conference Presentations and Posters

  • Dehling, Th. (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, BSH, Germany):
    Importance of seabed investigation for a hydrographic agency
  • Daut, G. (FSU Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany):
    Sub-bottom investigation of remote lakes with undisturbed sediments and verification with core sample data for further palaeolimnological analysis regarding evolutional history and climate research
  • Missiaen, T.; Noppe, L. (Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Belgium):
    Detailed investigation of a munition dumpsite in the Bornholm Basin
  • Schrottke, K. (RCOM Bremen, Germany):
    Measuring fluid mud dynamics in tidal estuaries with the system
  • Buch, Th. (Rostock University, Germany):
    Estimation of flow velocities of fluid bottom sediments by using a low-frequent parametric ADCP
  • Rygh, J.-E. (Aquadyne a/s, Norway):
    Todays demands for deepwater surveys and experiences from the Norwegian offshore industry
  • Bartholomä, A. (Senckenberg Institute Wilhelmshaven, Germany):
    Hydroacoustic remote sensing of sea floor habitats in the North Sea in scientific and commercial research projects
  • Levchenko, O. (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS Moscow, Russia) et al.:
    Parametric seismoacoustics for fundamental scientific research and applied engineering survey our experience from 2000 to 2007
  • Read, M. (University of Plymouth, UK):
    Geophysical survey of the Cattewater wreck
  • Gherardi, L.; Mauro, V. (Remed srl, Italy):
    The advantages of combining high resolution MBES and SBP systems for morphological, geophysical and archaeological studies experiences from combined surveys
  • Zerjal, A. (Harpha Sea, Slovenia):
    Case study from a lake in Slovenia with the application of Reson Seabat 8125 and Innomar compact for the detection of archaeological artefacts and the investigation of fresh water springs
  • Endler, R. (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, IOW, Germany) et al.:
    Acoustic stratigraphy of a pockmark field in the Baltic Proper based on a SES-96/SES-2000 survey (Poster)

Equipment Demonstration

During the second day equipment of different manufacturers was shown in operation on a river boat.

  • INNOMAR standard parametric sub-bottom profiler
  • INNOMAR sidescan extension for shallow-water SBPs
  • TSS ORION inertial motion reference system
  • HYPACK hydrographic survey software
  • Videokart DV50 (Unterwassertechnik Axel Kordian, Germany)
  • Tritech StarFish sidescan sonar (CPU Dr. Christian Pröber Unterwassertechnik, Germany)