4. Workshop "Seabed Acoustics" 2009

The fourth workshop "Seabed Acoustics" was held in the Kurhaus in Rostock-Warnemünde on November 19/20, 2009. There were about 90 delegates from 12 countries around the world.

Conference Presentations and Posters

  • Dehling, Th. (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, BSH, Germany):
    Current Projects and survey activities of the German Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
  • Bartholomä, A. (Senckenberg Institute Wilhelmshaven, Germany); Holler, P.; Schrottke, K.:
    Acoustic habitat mapping – comparison of different sonar systems
  • Hübscher, Chr. (Hamburg University, Germany); Dullo, Chr.; Flögel, S.; Titschak, J.:
    Bottom current control on deposition pattern and coral growth in the eastern Gulf of Mexico
  • Oomen, T. (Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors bv, The Netherlands):
    The use of the parametric echo sounder in the Middle East and South East Asia –
    A successful venture
  • Schrottke, K. (Kiel University, Germany); Stattegger, K.:
    Simultaneous use of SES, ADCP and LISST to verify severe coastal change at the Brazilian São Francisco river mouth induced by water damming
  • Rygh, J.-E. (Aquadyne a/s, Norway):
    New technology trends in the Norwegian offshore industry
  • Breuer, S. (Trier University, Germany); Kilian, R.; Baeza, O.; Arz, H.:
    Interpretation of parametric echo sound profiles in fjords of the Magellan Region, Chile
  • Levchenko, O. (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS Moscow, Russia) et al.:
    VHR survey of deep-sea sediment structure in the Atlantic Ocean with the narrow-beam parametric SBP SES-2000 deep
  • Greiser, N. (SMC Sediment Management Consulting GbR, Germany):
    Interpretation of echo sounding results for nautical depth determination
  • Buch, Th. (Rostock University, Germany); Schwiede, M.; Weicker, M.:
    Surface Related Multiple Elimination in Shallow Water Subbottom Echo Sounding Application

Product Presentations

  • Wunderlich, J. (INNOMAR GmbH, Germany):
    Parametric Sub-bottom Profilers SES-2000 – New Developments 2009
  • Jensen, K.-K. (RESON a/s, Denmark):
    RESON SeaBat 7125 Multi Beam Echo Sounder
  • Hill, R. (APPLANIX, Canada):
    Mobile Mapping – APPLANIX Marine Products
  • Borden, J. (ORE Offshore, USA):
    ORE Motion Reference Unit (Model 4760)
  • Schlüter, H. (hs engineers, Germany):
    Manufacturing special measurement tools

Equipment Demonstration

During the second day equipment of different manufacturers was shown in operation on a river boat.

  • INNOMAR standard-plus combined parametric sub-bottom profiler and sidescan sonar
  • RESON SeaBat 7125 Multi Beam Echo Sounder
  • Applanix POS-MV Elite Position/Orientation System
  • ORE Model 4760 low-cost motion reference unit