5. Workshop "Seabed Acoustics" 2011

Innomar's 5th user conference "Seabed Acoustics" took place November 17/18, 2011 in Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany. Thanks to all of the more than 100 attendees from 11 countries for coming and to the speakers giving presentations on a wide range of applications. During the breaks and dinner there were many opportunities to exchange experiences and for networking. At the second day there was a live demo of different survey equipment on a river boat.

Conference Presentations and Posters

  • Dehling, Th. (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, BSH, Germany):
    150 years of governmental hydrography in Germany
  • Sauer, A.; Böder, V. (HCU Hamburg, Germany):
    Parametric sub-bottom profiling in (extremely) shallow lakes
  • Starikov, V. (Peter Diving Service, Russia):
    Using SBP for exploring shallow waters – recent results
  • Richter, Chr.; Meier, F. (Fugro Consult GmbH, Germany):
    Application of Geoelectrics and SBP under difficult conditions – Red Mud investigation and other case stories
  • van den Brom, S. (Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster nv, The Netherlands):
    Monitoring sandfill quality in Khalifa Port using parametric SBP
  • Maushake, Chr. (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, Germany):
    A multisensor approach to study hydro- and morphodynamics in estuaries
  • Preston, J. (Quester Tangent Corp., Canada):
    Acoustic remote sensing of sediments in the Weser River with Atlas "Fansweep 20" MBES and Innomar "SES-2000 light plus" sidescan sonar
  • Endler, M., Leipe, Th. (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, Germany):
    Composition, spatial distribution and dynamics of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea
  • Gimpel, P. (L-3 ELAC Nautik, Germany):
    SUGAR Project: Multibeam echo sounder as very efficient tool for the location of gashydrate deposits
  • Ingulfsen, J.A. (DOF Subsea Atlantic, Norway):
    Experience with Innomar Medium / ROV and Norwegian Requirements
  • Levchenko, O. (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS Moscow, Russia) et al.:
    Correlation of VHR seismic reflection profiles deep with sediment cores – a valid approach to study deep sea sediments structure and origin of internal reflectors
  • Schaake, K. (Landesamt für Kultur und Denkmalpflege, LAKD-MV, Germany):
    Wismar Bay – A waterway trough history
  • Wunderlich, J.; Lowag, J. (INNOMAR, Germany):
    Using a multi-transducer parametric SBP to acquire data of buried structures at high spatial resolution for 3-D visualization
  • Rust, M. (ARIVIS, Germany):
    High-resolution visualization and analysis of point clouds using arivis software tools
  • Knobloch, Ph.; Markwardt, Ph.:
    QPA Peripheral Device – Tool to measure small and irregular profiles (Poster)

Product Presentations

  • Dürkop, K. (L-3 ELAC Nautik GmbH, Germany):
    SeaBeam 1180 and SeaBeam 3000/3100 multibeam echosounders
  • Barker, P. (SMC Ship Motion Control, Sweden):
    IMU-108 low-cost motion reference unit
  • Wunderlich, J. (INNOMAR GmbH, Germany):
    Parametric Sub-bottom Profilers – New Developments 2011

Equipment Demonstration

During the second day equipment of different manufacturers was shown in operation on a river boat. All acoustic equipment (SBP, sidescan and MBES) was operated simultaneously without any interference visible in the data sets.

  • INNOMAR light-plus sub-bottom profiler and sidescan sonar,
  • INNOMAR compact sub-bottom profiler (new generation 2011),
  • L-3 ELAC Nautik multibeam echosounder SeaBeam 1180,
  • Ship Motion Control (SMC) motion (HRP) sensor IMU-108.