Innomar "autonomous" USV with Sub-Bottom Profiler

Innomar autonomous ASV with parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar's parametric sub-bottom profilers are often used in shallow and extremely shallow waters with limited access for vessels and boats. To support such surveys Innomar offers a remotely operated surface vehicle pre-configured with the Innomar smart SBP. This vehicle can be used to survey a pre-defined area automatically or to work in protected areas like drinking-water reservoirs. It is also possible to integrate third-party equipment, such as ADCP, MBES or sidescan sonars.


Innomar autonomous USV Innomar autonomous USV Innomar autonomous USV Innomar autonomous USV Innomar autonomous USV

Click on pictures to enlarge. Photos show the first generation, the current setup is shown below.


System Components

Innomar autonomous ASV system overview

  • Innomar smart parametric sub-bottom profiler (3) with transducer and mounting bracket (4)
  • dotOcean Calypso inflatable survey platform (1)
  • one box for platform control electronics (2) (dotOcean AYB, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for payload PC and control electronics, sensors) and thruster battery
  • dotOcean AYB / Atlantis cloud auto-navigation, manual radio remote control
  • one box for payload battery (5)
  • underwater thrusters (6)
  • WiFi and LTE/4G antennas (7)
  • optional: dual-antenna GNSS for position and heading

Note: Due to shipping restrictions, batteries are usually not included in the delivery.


Technical Specification

Sub-bottom Profiler
(Innomar smart SBP)
Water Depth Range 0.5 – 100 m
Sediment Penetration up to 20 m (depending on sediment type and noise)
Range / Layer Resolution approx. 1 cm / better than 10 cm
Transmit Beam Width (-3dB) approx. ±2.5° / footprint <9% of water depth
Primary Frequencies (PF) approx. 100 kHz (frequency band 90 – 110 kHz)
PF Source Level / Acoustic Power >235 dB//µPa re 1m / ~2 kW
Secondary Low Frequency (SLF) centre freq. 10 kHz (total frequency band 5 – 15 kHz)
Pulse Width user selectable 0.1 – 0.5 ms
Pulse Type Ricker, CW
Ping Rate up to 40 pings/s
Heave / Roll / Pitch Compensation heave (depending on external sensor data)
Data Acquisition digital 16 bit @ ~70 kHz sample rate;
PF 100 kHz envelope echosounder data / bottom track;
SLF 10kHz full-waveform sub-bottom data
Dimensions / Weight W 0.43m × D 0.33m × H 0.23m / 9 kg
Power Supply 10 – 30 V DC / <100 W
Transducer (2m cable) W 30cm × D 22cm × H 9cm / 13kg
incl. cable and mointing bracket

Survey Platform / Propulsion / Power Supply
Dimensions / Weight L 180cm × W 93cm × H 20cm / 16kg
Platform Payload Capacity max. 150 kg
Remote Control cloud control (3G / 4G) or radio R/C
Under Keel Clearance 25 cm
Speed max. 3 knots
Sensor Mount via moon-pool or detachable bracket
Platform Control Box W 66cm × D 52cm × H 38cm / 29kg (excl. battery)
incl. control electronics, data acquisition PC with UPS

Payload Power Supply
Payload Battery Box W 0.43m × D 0.33m × H 0.23m / 4 kg (excl. battery)



  • surveys in very shallow waters
  • surveys in sensible environments such as drinking-water reservoirs
  • automatic data acquisition in pre-defined areas with narrow line spacing for shallow-seismic 3D modeling
  • users may integrate various third-party equipment, such as MBES, ADCP or sidescan sonar



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Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.