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Efficient Sub-Bottom Profilers made by Innomar

For more than 20 years Innomar has been providing innovative and high-quality equipment and software for the marine and offshore business, mainly parametric sub-bottom profilers (SBP, sediment echo sounder) that are used to image sediment structures or objects within the seafloor or river beds.

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Innomar SES-2000 standard parametric sub-bottom profiler (top side unit) Innomar's main product line, the narrow-beam parametric sub-bottom profiler series Innomar SES-2000 provides unequalled high-resolution sub-bottom data both laterally and vertically achieving excellent penetration. This product line covers all depth ranges and can be used in water depths between less than one meter and full ocean depth. Applications include the geophysical imaging of sediments and sub-seabed structures for dredging purposes, for route and offshore site surveys and to map buried pipelines/cables.

Compared to conventional towed sub-bottom profilers the Innomar SES-2000 parametric SBPs provide better position accuracy and availability at higher survey speed.

All Innomar sub-bottom profilers come with a software package comprising a user-friendly data acquisition software (SESWIN) and the SESConvert data export tool (export SES data to SEG-Y and XTF data formats). SES-2000 data can be processed using Innomar's ISE post-processing software or (after data export) with a wide range of third-party software.

Please see the products section for more details.

Innomar's quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

Featured Product

Innomar SES-2000 smart parametric sub-bottom profiler

Innomar recently launched a new shallow-water SBP.

The Innomar SES-2000 smart model is the smallest member of the Innomar SES-2000 family of parametric sub-bottom profilers, even smaller than the SES-2000 compact model. It was designed for inshore surveys in (extremely) shallow waters down to 100 metres water depth using small boats, but can also be used in coastal areas.

Please see the Innomar SES-2000 smart page for details.