High-Power Solutions

  • When penetration is a key requirement.
  • For shallow and deep-water applications down to full ocean depth.

Innomar's high-power models have larger transducers with increased source levels and operate with lower frequencies. Nevertheless, they provide narrow and focussed sound beams of less than 4 degrees which are electronically stabilised. Thus these systems can be applied in shallow areas where high seabed penetration is required or in deep waters for applications, such as oil and gas, reconnaissance and route surveys, scientific programs, deep sea drilling campaigns and others.

The narrow beam and small acoustical footprint guarantees very high spatial resolution at greater depths and the beam stabilisation allows for operation even under harsh offshore conditions.

The medium-100 is available as a portable device for small boats and USV installations, whereas the other high-power models are typically hull mounted.

  Innomar medium-100 parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar medium-70 parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar deep-36 parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar deep-15 parametric sub-bottom profiler
  medium-100 medium-70 deep-36 deep-15
Water Depth 2 – 2,000m 2 – 2,500m 5 – 6,000m 10 – 11,000m
Penetration up to 70m up to 100m up to 150m up to 250m
Frequencies 4 – 15kHz 3 – 12kHz 2 – 7kHz 1 – 4kHz
H / R / P comp. ✓ / ✓ / – ✓ / ✓ / (✓) ✓ / ✓ / (✓) ✓ / ✓ / ✓

Please see also our deep-water data examples.

The Innomar family of parametric sub-bottom profilers have been formerly also known as "SES-96", "SES-2000" or "Innomar SES" SBPs. Starting with new or improved models introduced in 2020 the term "SES-xx" is not been used in the model name any more.