ISE Post-Processing Software for Innomar Data

Innomar ISE post processing software for SES-2000 sub-bottom profilers (screenshot)

Innomar ISE is a user-friendly post-processing software for data acquired using Innomar's SES-2000 parametric sub-bottom profilers.

Some of the main features are layer editing and export to ASCII data, extended signal processing capabilities, data conversion and data export filters, tide and water sound velocity corrections and the overlay of sensor or ground-truthing data to echoplots.

Innomar GIS extension for Innomar's ISE post processing software for SES-2000 sub-bottom profilers (screenshot)

Since March 2013 there is a GIS module available for Innomar's ISE post-processing software.

This GIS extension allows users to visualize survey results using maps in several formats. Tracks, targets and probes are overlaid maintaining chosen EPSG spatial referencing. SES data files can be opened right from the map view. There is a synchronized curser between the map and the ISE processing window.

Coming soon: ISE 3.x Post-Processing Software

Innomar ISE 3.x post-processing software



  • Processing of all Innomar data formats, including SES3 files.
  • Handling of 16/24/32-bit and multi-channel data files.
  • Similar "look'n'feel" as the Innomar SESWIN on-line control and data acquisition software.
  • Intuitive handling of 2D data sections with free zoom levels and undo/redo.
  • Project-based workflow, but can also be used to view/process single data files.
  • Integrated GIS-browser builds the file handling base.
  • GIS map synchronized with seismic section view (cursor, track cross-points, picked targets and ground-truth positions).
  • Processed and interpreted data can be exported into various industry-standard data formats, including ASCII, DXF, 3D grids.


Project-based Workflow

  • Project tree with all files, such as seismic data sections, tide files, ground-truth data, picked leayers and targets, etc.
  • Save/restore the processing status for individual data files and projects between sessions.


GIS Browser

  • Handling of data in various coordinate systems and projections.
  • Overlay of colour-coded bathymetry, sub-bottom layers, targets and ground-truthing onto charts, geo-referenced images and other GIS data.
  • Calculation of crossing points between tracks and marking these positions in the 2D sections to assist quality assurance.
Innomar ISE 3.x post-processing software


Processing of 2D Seismic Sections

  • Processing of full-waveform and envelope data.
  • Several visualisation modes and colour-mapping options.
  • Various noise and spike removal filters.
  • Options to correct gain, such as time-variable gain (TVG) and automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Different options for (semi-) automatic bottom track.
  • Corrections for vessel movements (heave, roll, pitch), tide/swell, static shifts and sound velocity.
  • Picking and export of acoustic reflections from layers and targets.



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Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.