Innomar Parametric SBPs for vessels


The Innomar family of parametric sub-bottom profilers have been formerly also known as "SES-96", "SES-2000" or just "SES" SBPs. Starting with new or improved models introduced in 2020 the term "SES-xx" is not been used in the model name any more.


Parametric SBP for shallow waters

Innomar offers a wide range of sediment echosounders for shallow waters with water depths between less than one meter and up to 500 meters. A unique feature of all of these Innomar SBP models is the ability to work in extremely shallow waters with water depths less than one metre.

Please see also our shallow-water and extremely shallow-water data examples.


Parametric SBP for deep waters

Beside the shallow-water models there are several Innomar parametric sediment sounders for deeper waters up to full ocean depth.

Please see also our deep-water data examples.



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