Innomar SESWIN Data Acquisition Software

The Innomar online software "SES for Windows" (SESWIN) provides a user friendly interface to configure and control the system during the survey. Online echo prints are used for quality assurance.

All Innomar SES-2000 SBP models are compatible with external sensors for geo-referencing like GNSS receivers (standard NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 formats, other ASCII formats) and motion sensors (different industry-standard formats).

External sensor data of interest are stored within the Innomar data files and can be sent online in different NMEA/ASCII formats, together with the Innomar SES-2000 online bottom track, feeding third-party systems.

SES-2000 standard SBP data example (SESWIN online visualisation)
"Innomar SES-2000 standard" parametric sediment echosounder data example as shown during data aquisition
(frequency: 8kHz; very shallow water about 4m deep; penetration more than 8m).


Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.