Shallow-Water Solutions

  • When portability matters.
  • Usable from less than one meter down to 500 meters.

A unique feature of Innomar's parametric SBPs is the possibility to work in extremely shallow waters, even less than one metre.

Sub-bottom profiling in shallow waters is challenging for traditional systems and techniques due to wide-beam transducers, sidelobe patterns, ringing effects and high reverberation levels. The parametric technology used in our shallow-water models offers very narrow beams of less than 5 degrees with highly portable transducers and a high system bandwidth with sub-decimetre resolution.

Devices can be mobilized on vessels of opportunity or autonomous platforms at various scales.

  Innomar smart parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar compact parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar light parametric sub-bottom profiler Innomar standard parametric sub-bottom profiler
  smart compact light standard
Water Depth 0.5 – 100m 0.5 – 400m 0.5 – 400m 0.5 – 500m
Penetration up to 20m up to 40m up to 40m up to 50m
Frequencies 10kHz 4 – 15kHz 4 – 15kHz 4 – 15kHz
H / R / P comp. ✓ / – / – ✓ / – / – ✓ / – / – ✓ / ✓ / –

For the Innomar compact SBP there is also a Sidescan Extension available (1 – 30m).

Please see also our shallow-water and extremely shallow-water data examples.

The Innomar family of parametric sub-bottom profilers have been formerly also known as "SES-96", "SES-2000" or "Innomar SES" SBPs. Starting with new or improved models introduced in 2020 the term "SES-xx" is not been used in the model name any more.