Software for Innomar Sub-Bottom Profilers

All Innomar parametric sub-bottom profilers come with a software package for online data acquisition and converting the Innomar data formats into other industry-standard data formats like SEG-Y and XTF. For post-processing we recommmend our ISE post-processing software. Please find a brief description of these software packages below.


Innomar SESWIN Data Acquisition and Control Software

Innomar SESWIN online data acquisition and control software for Innomar sub-bottom profilers (screenshot)

The Innomar online software "SES for Windows" (SESWIN) provides a user friendly interface to configure and control the system during the survey. Online echo prints are used for quality assurance.

All Innomar SBP models are compatible with external sensors for geo-referencing like GNSS receivers (standard NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 formats, other ASCII formats) and motion sensors (different industry-standard formats).

External sensor data of interest are stored within the Innomar data files and can be sent online in different NMEA/ASCII formats, together with the Innomar SBP online bottom track, feeding third-party systems.


Innomar SES Data Converter Software

Innomar SESConvert data converter software for Innomar sub-bottom profiler and sidescan sonar data (screenshot)

The Innomar SES Convert software may be used to get the data aquired by a Innomar sub-bottom profiler or sidescan into the SEG-Y or XTF data format to be used with third-party post-processing software. Since there is a variety of SEG-Y formats it is possible to set up data conversion and then to convert a bunch of Innomar data files with one click.



Innomar ISE Post-Processing Software

Innomar ISE post processing software for Innomar sub-bottom profilers (screenshot)

Innomar ISE is a user-friendly post-processing software for data acquired using Innomar's parametric sub-bottom profilers.

Some of the main features are layer editing and export to ASCII data, extended signal processing capabilities, data conversion and data export filters, tide, water sound velocity and GPS z-level corrections, enhanced printing modes for data presentation and the overlay of sediment probes to echoplots.


Innomar ISE GIS-Extension

Innomar GIS extension for Innomar's ISE post processing software for Innomar sub-bottom profilers (screenshot)

Since March 2013 there is a GIS module available for Innomar's ISE post-processing software.

This GIS extension allows users to visualize survey results using maps in IHO S-57 and S-61 formats as well as more than 30 other formats, like AutoCad DXF, DWG, ArcView SHP, OpenGis, MapInfo. SES tracks, targets and probes are overlaid maintaining chosen EPSG spatial referencing.

SES data files can be opened right from the map view. There is a synchronized curser between the map and the ISE processing window. The map shows also sidescan coverage for Innomar sidescan data.

This module is included in all new ISE licenses. For older licenses upgrades can be purchased.



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