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Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler (SBP)

Our main product is the Innomar SES-2000 parametric sub-bottom profiler (sediment echosounder) family. There are models for a wide water-depth range available, starting at shallow-water with less than one meter water-depth to full-ocean depth (11,000m). Most models are vessel-based with transducers mounted over the side or at the vessel's hull, but there are also models to be used on ROV/AUV or USV and a towed SBP.

Based on its forerunner Innomar SES-96, the Innomar SES-2000 product line consists of high-quality sub-bottom profilers for a wide range of in- and offshore applications. Parametric acoustics gives you excellent resolution and good penetration into the seabed at low frequencies. The high frequency channel is used to determine the water depth with high accuracy, too. Please see our summary on user benefits and advantages of parametric SBPs.

SES-2000 standard SBP data example (SESWIN online visualisation)
"Innomar SES-2000 standard" parametric sediment echosounder data example as shown during data aquisition
(frequency: 8kHz; very shallow water about 4m deep; penetration more than 8m).


Parametric SBP for shallow waters

Innomar offers a wide range of sediment echosounders for shallow waters with water depths between less than one meter and up to 500 meters. A unique feature of all of these Innomar SES-2000 SBP models is the ability to work in extremely shallow waters with water depths less than one metre.

Please see also our shallow-water and extremely shallow-water data examples.


Combined Sub-Bottom Profiler and Sidescan Sonar

There are two shallow-water Innomar SES-2000 SBPs with integrated dual-frequency sidescan sonar available for simultaneous operation of SBP, echosounder and sidescan. For these models sidescan transducers can be attached to the sub-bottom transducer and up to two out of three sidescan frequencies can be selected to operate at the same time as the parametric sub-bottom profiler.


Parametric SBP for deep waters

Beside the shallow-water models there are several Innomar SES-2000 parametric sediment sounders for deep waters up to full ocean depth.

Please see also our deep-water data examples.


Innomar Software

All Innomar SES-2000 parametric sub-bottom profilers come with a software package for online data acquisition and converting the SES-2000 data into other data formats. For post-processing we recommmend our ISE post-processing software, but you can also use third-party software.



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