Innomar "autonomous" ASV + Sub-Bottom Profiler

Innomar "autonomous" USV + SBP

Innomar "autonomous" USV + SBP

Innomar's parametric sub-bottom profilers are often used in shallow and extremely shallow waters with limited access for vessels and boats. To support such surveys Innomar offers a remotely operated surface vehicle pre-configured with the Innomar "smart" or the Innomar "compact" SBP. This vehicle can be used to survey a pre-defined area automatically or to work in protected areas like drinking-water reservoirs. It is also possible to integrate third-party equipment, such as ADCP, MBES or sidescan sonars.

System Components

  1. dotOcean Calypso inflatable survey platform
  2. control box with electronics and thruster battery
  3. Innomar "smart" parametric sub-bottom profiler
  4. Transducer with mounting bracket
  5. payload battery box
  6. underwater thrusters
  7. WiFi and LTE/4G antennas

Optional: dual-antenna GNSS for position and heading

Note: Due to shipping restrictions, batteries are usually not included in the delivery.

Technical Specification

Vehicle Dimensions / Weight
L 180 cm × W 93 cm × H 20 cm / 16 kg
Payload Capacity
max. 150 kg
Remote Control
cloud control (3G / 4G) or radio R/C
Under Keel Clearance
25 cm
max. 3 knots
Sensor Mount
via moon-pool or detachable bracket
Control Box
W 66 cm × D 52 cm × H  38cm / 29 kg (excl. battery) incl. control electronics, data acquisition PC with UPS
Payload Battery Box
W 43 cm × D 33 cm × H  23 cm / 4 kg (excl. battery)
Innomar Payload
Innomar "smart" or "compact" SBP


  • surveys in very shallow waters
  • surveys in sensible environments such as drinking-water reservoirs
  • automatic data acquisition in pre-defined areas with narrow line spacing for shallow-seismic 3D modeling
  • users may integrate various third-party equipment, such as MBES, ADCP or sidescan sonar

Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.