Innomar "IPLC-1500" Deep-Sea Telemetry System

Innomar "IPLC-1500" deep-sea telemetry system

Innomar "IPLC-1500"

The Innomar "IPLC-1500" powerline communication (PLC) system is designed to provide power supply and data transfer up to 100 Mbit/s for a tow fish or ROV using any coax or twisted pair cable. Beside the Ethernet port(s), different serial ports are available optionally.

Technical Specification

Data Rate / Bandwidth
up to 100 Mbit/s
Cable Length
up to 10,000 m
Cable Type
any coax or twisted-pair cable can be used
Deck Unit
W 52 cm × D 60 cm × H 13 cm (19''/2U) / weight c. 22 kg
Deck Power Supply
90 – 260 V AC
Deck Data Interfaces
Ethernet, serial ports (RS232/422/485; optionally)
Deck Output to Cable
300 V DC / max. 1,500 W + Data
Subsea Unit
D 15 cm × L 53 cm / weigth c. 18kg
Subsea Housing / Depth Rating
Titanium / 6,000 m (600 bar)
Subsea Ethernet Interfaces
2 × [Eternet + power (24 V DC)]
Subsea Serial Interfaces
2 × [RS232/422/484 + power (24 V DC)]

Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.