Innomar "deep-15" – full ocean depth SBP

Innomar deep-15 parametric sub-bottom profiler (topside electronics + one transducer section)

The Innomar deep-15 parametric sub-bottom profiler is designed for offshore applications down to 11,000m water depth.

This model features full motion compensation for heave, roll and pitch vessel movements. For best data quality the sound beam is electronically stabilized at transmit and receive.

The picture shows the topside electronics (one transmitter unit and one receiver unit) and one of eight transducer sections.

The Innomar deep-15 SBP acquires full-waveform data that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). Innomar also provides the ISE post-processing software specialized on the Innomar SBP data.

This model has been launched in 2019 as "SES-2000 deep-15".

Please see also the Deep Water Applications section.


Innomar deep-15 SBP installation schematics
Innomar deep-15 parametric sub-bottom profiler installation schematics


Technical Specification

Water Depth Range 10 – 11,000+ m
Sediment Penetration up to 250 m (depending on sediment type and noise)
Range Resolution <2 cm
Transmit Beam Width (-3dB) approx. ±2.3° / footprint <8% of water depth
Primary Frequencies (PF) approx. 15 kHz (frequency band 10 – 20 kHz)
PF Source Level / Acoustic Power >242 dB//µPa re 1m / ~10 kW
Secondary Low Frequency (SLF) centre freq. user selectable: 1 – 4 kHz
(total frequency band 0.5 – 5.5 kHz)
Pulse Width user selectable 0.25 – 20 ms
Pulse Type Ricker, CW, FM chirp
Ping Rate up to 30 pings/s
Topside Units TX: W 0.52m × D 0.50m × H 0.74m (19''/16U) / 95kg
RX: W 0.52m × D 0.40m × H 0.44m (19''/9U) / 40kg
Transducer (8 sections, 30m cable)W 1.75m × D 1.25m × H 0.45m / 950kg (excl. cable)
Heave / Roll / Pitch Compensation heave, roll, pitch; depending on external sensor data
Data Acquisition digital 24 bit @ 48 kHz sample rate; full-waveform data
Auxiliary Input GNSS, HRP sensor, trigger, water depth, bottom slope
Auxiliary Output trigger, bottom track
Power Supply 100–240 V AC / <1,000 W
Control / Data Storage PC internal PC (Windows® 10); included


Included Features

  • Heave, roll and pitch beam stabilization
  • SLF full waveform data acquisition (sub-bottom data) / Innomar "RAW" data format
  • 24 bit SLF full waveform data acquisition / Innomar "SES3" data format
  • Multi-ping mode for maintaining a high pulse rate in deep waters
  • Multi-frequency signals
  • FM chirp (full SLF bandwidth)
  • Barker coded pulses for safe bottom track also in multi-ping modes
  • Linear sub-bottom profiler / SBES echosounder mode
    (12/15/18 kHz CW and 12 – 18 kHz FM chirp pulses)
  • Bottom slope control
  • KVM extender for remote control
  • SESWIN basic remote-control via COM / UDP (e.g. line start/stop, line name)
  • Transducer frame with integrated shock absorbers for hull-mounting


Optional Features

  • SESWIN extended remote-control via WEthernet (TCP/IP)
  • Tranducer ice protection (acoustic window)



  • SESWIN data acquisition software
  • SES Convert data converter software (RAW to SEG-Y, XTF, ASCII)
  • SES NetView for display of online echoprints and system information on remote computers (via Ethernet) for QC
  • ISE post-processing software



Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.