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Innomar's User Workshop "Seabed Acoustics"

Since 2001 Innomar has been hosting the workshop "Seabed Acoustics". At this two-day event presentations focussing on user experiences in the field of acoustical seabed investigation as well as live demonstrations of survey equipment are given. Workshop language is English.

Topics of this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • high-resolution sub-bottom profiling,
  • acoustics for in- and offshore installations (pre-site investigations, pipeline inspection, risk mitigation, etc.),
  • using various acoustic profiling systems simultaneously, e.g. sub-bottom profiler, multibeam, sidescan sonar,
  • underwater archaeology and detection of buried objects,
  • underwater acoustic signal and image processing,
  • acoustic seafloor characterization.
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The 8th workshop "Seabed Acoustics"
took place November 9/10, 2017.


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