Innomar "sidescan extension" (100 kHz)

Innomar 100kHz sidescan transducer for Innomar's compact sub-bottom profiler for shallow water

With this extension Innomar's shallow-water sub-bottom profiler Innomar compact can be turned into a digital sidescan. For this the SBP transducer is replaced by a sidescan sonar-head operating at 100 kHz.

This sidescan extension can be used in applications that require not only sub-bottom data but also to determine seabed morphology and/or objects on the seabed. Applications include surveys in the dredging industry (looking for outcrops), archaeological surveys, pipeline tracking and presurveys of construction sites.

Please note that the sidescan head is interchanged with the SBP transducer and therefore sidescan and sub-bottom data cannot be acquired simultaneously.

Innomar 100kHz sidescan data example showing a wreck site (online screenshot)
Innomar sidescan extension data example (SESWIN online visualization) showing a wreck site.


Technical Specification

Water depth range 1 – 50 m
Frequency 100 kHz
Source Level / Acoustic Power >220 dB//µPa re 1m / ~2 kW
Pulse type CW 100 – 250µs (user selectable)
Ping rate up to 25 pings/s
Beam width (-3dB) approx. 1.8° × 55°
Depression angle 40° / 60°
Transducer (SSS; 20m cable) 0.60m × 0.10m × 0.20m / weight 20 kg incl. cable



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Technical specifications are subject of change without notice.