Student Projects 2013

Update December 2014:

The winner of Innomar's student project 2013, Alexandros Chronis, published a paper of the research within that project in the Nov/Dec issue of Hydro International:

Chronis, A. et al. (2014): Student Research Project in Hydrography: Relationship between Gas-bearing Sediments and Biogenic Mounds, Hydro International, 18 (8), Nov/Dec 2014, pp. 22-25.

Student Projects 2013 Finished

We are pleased to announce that the Innomar Student Project 2013 has finished successfully. More than 20 project proposals were initially submitted. Three students/institutions received direct support from Innomar which included our light-plus equipment and on-site training.


The winner is ...

After evaluation of the three submitted project reports we would like to name and congratulate the winning student and his project:

Alexandros Chronis, University of the Aegean, Greece
"Relationship between gas-bearing (?) sediments and biogenic mounds in the Kalloni Gulf, Lesvos Island, Greece"

Alexandros has used all capabilities of the Innomar light-plus SBP+SSS equipment, including high resolution sub-bottom profiling and side scan sonar, to perform a geophysical survey in an area with a peculiar distribution of biogenic mounds. Together with ground truthing by divers, their morphology and distribution above and beneath seabed were analysed in order to find an answer to the scientific question of their mode of development. The report has been submitted in a high scientific standard, both in form and content. For a submission to a peer reviewed journal it will require minor changes only.

Alexandros presented the project results during our bi-annual workshop "Seabed Acoustics" in Rostock/Germany in November 2013. Furthermore, we will prepare a publication of the results in the journals "Hydro International" and "Hydrographische Nachrichten" in near future.


The other supported projects

Furthermore, the geophysical prospection of the other two student projects has also led to successful results. The data of Brian Kreis and Sebastian Riegler (University of Vienna, Austria) will be used by a local hydro power energy supplier for their risk assessment in an area of mass movements. The results of Alkiviadis Ginalis (University of Oxford, UK) have unveiled some important archaeological findings related to Roman and Byzantine harbour installations and wrecks and have already stimulated further research activities and archaeological field work in the prospection area.


Traunsee-Austria Lesvos-Greece Lesvos-Greece Lesvos-Greece Skiathos-Greece Skiathos-Greece Skiathos-Greece


Supported Projects

Many thanks to all participants who applied for our student research project 2013. We received more than 20 proposals from scientific institutions in nine European countries to utilize our Innomar light-plus combined sub-bottom profiler and side scan sonar system. The range of applications covered marine archaeology, hydrography, geology, coastal management, environmental studies and geo-hazards. We tried to pick projects with different science questions, scopes and environments:

  • "Morphological investigation of the mass movement deposit of Gschliefgraben in Lake Traunsee, Austria", Heinz Brian Kreis and Sebastian Riegler, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
  • "Identification of the submerged city of Pheia, the harbour of Ancient Olympia, destroyed by an earthquake in the 6th century AD", Nikolaos Tatsis, University of Southern Denmark
  • "Relationship between gas-bearing sediments and biogenic mounds in the Kalloni Gulf, Lesvos Island, Greece", Alexandros Chronis, University of the Aegean

Unfortunately Mr. Nikolaos Tatsis, University of Southern Denmark, did not get a permission to work in the area he focused on. Therefore another interesting project will be supported instead:

  • The coastal infrastructures of Roman and Byzantine Skiathos - A joint coastal and underwater archaeological survey project Alkiviadis Ginalis, Oxford University

We wish all applicants success in their research work for 2013 and look forward to the results and presentation of the best project in Hydro International and during Innomar's workshop "Seabed Acoustics 2013" that will take place in November 2013 in Rostock/Germany.